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The Dangers Of Asbestos And How To Handle Exposure

Asbestos is a dangerous material if disturbed. If disturbed, it will release tiny fibres, which, if breathed in, can be fatal. Without proper containment, removing it can be considered high risk. Even with containment, it is still risky. If you come across asbestos, you should leave it and contact a professional asbestos removal company that is licensed to do the work in your state and will follow state asbestos removal regulations. You will need to have a survey done to see if it is genuinely asbestos and they can put in special measures required to remove it There are cost-effective solutions available.

Coming across asbestos is more common than you think because it was used for so many years is so many different things before they found out it was toxic and posed many health risks. This use lasted as recently as 2000. Workers are very likely to come across asbestos removalist in their jobs. Around 40 people die a week from asbestos exposure and the diseases it causes.

If you come across asbestos, then you must stop your work immediately. and f you do not have a license to remove it and can not follow the compliance code, then you must put a do not disturb warning sign on the premise and evacuate all personal from the site to a safe location. If there are dust, dirt, and debris on your clothing, then you should call for help and stay still until help arrives. Putting on a breathing respirator is vital to prevent breathing in the dust. Asbestos fibres can remain in the air for days so the area should get closed off with tape and warning signs displayed

After exposure, you should report it to the proper agencies, and your employer should put it in your employee record. Unfortunately, there are no tests that can get done to see if you inhaled the asbestos fibres. It will be several years before it would show up on a chest x-ray.

There are five warning signs of asbestos poisoning.
1) Shortness of breath. Scar tissue can form from the fibres and can make it hard to breathe.
2) Swollen fingertips. This is another sign, and the fingers will look like clubs where there will be swelling.
3) Fatigue or extreme tiredness. This is a common sign, especially combined with the other symptoms.
4) Wheezing when you take a deep breath when you do not smoke can be a sign.
5) Having a persistent dry cough if it lasts for an extended time and you do not smoke and again, especially if combined with other symptoms too.

There are six types of asbestos.
1) Chrysotile is the most common form of asbestos.
3)Crocidolite is the most dangerous type because it has tiny, sharp fibres, and they stick and cut the lungs and cause damage.
4) Anthophyllite
5) Tremolite
6) Actinolite

Asbestos is a hazardous material, and it has been mostly banned from home and commercial use. Unfortunately, the diseases it causes, like cancer, can take years to develop, and the signs do not show up right away. The death rate for asbestos-related cancers is very high. The government must do even more to protect people from this deadly substance and prevent or even completely ban its use altogether.