Our Moving Office Services


Moving office in Perth can be a huge undertaking for a company of any size. Improperly planned office moves can result in lost items, a disruption of productivity, and ultimately, a hiccup in business. Working with a Perth removalist who are trained in moving offices is the number one way to ensure that an office move will run smoothly and will not result in any loss of time, productivity, or business.

Our moving office Perth removalists are trained in a variety of office moves, including:

  • Office moves

  • Tradeshow moving

  • Retail location moves

  • Warehouse relocation

  • Stockroom moves

Additionally, Emmanuel Transport can help you with safe transportation of particularly sensitive items, such as:

  • Machinery

  • Computers

  • Merchandise

  • Files

  • Furniture

One of the most important aspects of moving an office is that it does not lead to a disruption in productivity for the business. With this in mind, our moving office professionals keep a strong focus on:

  1. Detailed and Planned Packing: All Office items are packed with an attention to their placement, proper location within the office, and projected location within the new office.

  2. Secure Transportation: All items are packed and loaded securely to ensure the safety of each item.

  3. Break Down and Set up: Office furniture in fixtures are broken down in the old space and are set up in the new space.

  4. Detailed and Planned Unpacking: Each item is unpacked and placed in the right place in the new office space – no productivity is lost because employees do not know where to find their belongings in the new office.

  5. File management: Files are packed and unpacked so as to maintain their ordering, ensuring seamless productivity from one space to the other.



Emmanuel Transport’s focus during moving an office goes beyond simply getting items from point A to point B. During all office moves, Emmanuel Transport remains focused on creating an ease of transition for the people who occupy the space. This unrelenting attention to detail and efficiency is what has created a reputation for excellence for Emmanuel Transport.

No matter what you have to move, packing your belonging in an efficient way makes any office move simpler and quicker with less downtime.  It also make your new office set up a lot easier to get up and running again. We are available to pack your boxes and taking an inventory  as we work through the office.  At Emmanuel Transport, you can rest assured that you are dealing with Perth’s best removalists. Should you wish to pack yourself we do also offer packing supplies to save you having to run around looking for them.  To see how we can help click here.