Frequently Asked Questions


We at Emmanuel Transport are asked daily for FAQ’s and information about how to plan a house move and what is involved.

Please find some answers to common questions we as a cheap Perth removalist are asked, as well as view our BLOG posts for more information.

If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!


Do I need to change my booking if its raining?

The rain can make the move a bit challenging, but there are always gaps when the truck can be loaded. We cover everything to ensure your belongings stay dry, so there is no need to change your booking.

Moving in or out of the CBD

Parking in the CBD can be challenging at times. It is important to understand that the removalists will not park illegally therefore if parking will be an issue, you could contact the council and they will be able to issue you with a parking permit for the removal truck.

Should I clean my furniture and appliances before the move?

Yes, please ensure everything to be moved is clean and acceptable. Your removalist may refuse to move your furniture if it is too dirty.

Should I put my clothes in plastic bags?

Since it is best to empty your draws, having them in plastic bags is definitely a good idea.

Do you take passengers in your truck?

Unfortunately, we cannot take passengers in the moving truck or in the cargo section.

Can you move Tvs?

Yes, we can move TVs. We are covered for the physical condition of your tv. As we do not test the TVs before we move them, we do not take responsibility for its operation mechanically. We ensure that your TVs are moved with no physical damage.

How long does it take to load the truck?

It normally takes us about 1.5 hours to fully load the truck. Please note that numerous factors such as access to the house, stairs, dismantling furniture, distance to the truck will have an impact on this.

Do I need to pack my speakers in boxes?

We recommend, to have your speakers packed in boxes as well. We do however acknowledge the fact that some speakers are too large for your regular tea chest boxes. In this case, you can also use bubble wrap to add a layer of protection. All our trucks are fitted with heavy duty blankets for added protection.

Can you move plant pots?

Yes can move plant pots as long as they are dry and wrapped at the bottom. Pot plants do carry a lot of bugs and crawlies so we have to be extremely careful when transporting them. We suggest you contact us for detailed information on what is required when it comes to pot plants.